Competition Law

Innovative Trade Rules with Anti-Competitive Effects
International Trade Law and Innovation
Is Innovation Important in Europe
Law and Innovation
EC Competition Policy Overhaul for R & D Agreements - Finally Freeing Joint Innovation from its EU Antitrust Straitjacket

European Law

EC Floats Plan for Retailing of Financial Services On-line
EU Race Directive
European Accession
Formation of a holding SE
Insolvency Assingment

Human Rights

Experimental Justice-Do International Tribunals Work
Non-Elected Legislators-International Administrations and the Rule of Law
The Turkish Illegal Settlers
A Bill of Rights for Britain

Intellectual property

US Perspective
Advertising on the Net
Computer Programs - Infringement of Copyright
Counterfeiting of Microsoft software on the rise in California
EU Digital Copyright Directive
European Parliament Approves Legislation for Copyright in Cyberspace
European Perspective
Patenting and Ownership of Genes and Life Forms
Software Piracy and the Law - in Greek
Software Piracy and the Law

International Law

Recruitment by International Law Firms

Internet and Electronic Commerce

Liability of Internet Service Providers
Survey Reports Junk E-mail costs US EU $10 Bilion annually
The EU Commission outlines plan to combat Cybercrime
The Impact on E-Commerce of Proposed Changes to EU Conventions
The Internet-Can Concealing Your Competitor's Trade Mark be an Infringement
United Kingdom- The UK Electronics Communications Bill
A Framework for Electronic Commerce
Amended Proposal For a Coherent Legal Framework
Computer Games In Cyberspace
Electronic Commerce in New Zealand
Entering Into Contracts Electronically
EU Action Plan to Curb Internet Credit Card Fraud
European Standardization and Electronic Commerce
Consumer protection in e-commerce
Jurisdiction and the Internet-the EC perspective

Family Law

Divorce Provisions in Cyprus - Greek Orthodox
Divorce Provisions in Cyprus - Armenians, Maronites, Roman Catholics
Divorce Provisions in Cyprus - Turkish Cypriots