The Cyprus Legal Portal became a reality through the combined efforts of Leginet Ltd and InfoScreen (Cyprus) Ltd.  Both firms are specializing in product development for the Legal sector. 

The Cyprus Legal Portal apart of providing easy access to several topics and links of primary interest to users with a special interest in Legal matters is also the host of the two large subscription-based databases of Legislation and Cases of the Republic of Cyprus.


What to expect to find here:


A. Index to the Laws of the Republic of Cyprus:
Includes the following:
1. Index of all the Laws of the Republic of Cyprus (Appendix One, Part I, and III and Appendix Seven)
2. Index of the Subsidiary Legislation (Rules, Regulations, Orders, etc) of the Republic of Cyprus (Appendix Three, Part I)
3. The Indices are updated with the release of the official Newspaper of the Republic (Gazette).

B. Text of the Laws of the Republic of Cyprus:
Includes the following:
1. Text of all the Laws of Appendix One, Part I and selected laws of Part III and Appendix Seven. In the case of Laws with amendments, our team of lawyers consolidates them to enable the user to have the applicable updated and consolidated version of the Law.
2. For selected Laws there is the possibility to view the initial text of the Law, the text of each amendment separately, as well as the consolidated text following each amendment.
3. The database is constantly updated with new Laws and Amendments

* Kindly note that all Laws contained in our databases are available only in Greek language. The only texts currently in English are just a few Laws that have not been officially translated.



Similar to our Cyprus Legislation On-Line, the user is able to search for the text of any particular case based on various criteria but in an extremely user friendly way. Accuracy and quality of the data in our database have been of paramount importance to our operation and every step necessary to safeguard that has been taken. Once again, our in-house lawyers constantly supervise our team.

This considerable size database contains the full text of:

  • All the cases contained in the 24 volumes published prior to Cyprus being declared a Republic (1883-1959)
  • All the cases of the Supreme Constitutional Court that are contained in 5 volumes
  • The entire published collection of the C.L.R. reports (1883-1998)
  • All released but yet unpublished cases of the Supreme Court (1999-todate)


* Kindly note that all recent Cases are available only in Greek. The only texts currently in English are older Cases released in 1883 - 1989.